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Fragrances for Personal Care Wipes

kit_personal_care_wipes_adultkit_personal_care_wipes_babyWith unprecedented growth over the past 15 years, consumer wipes for both personal and household use are becoming more prominent in today’s market, increasing at ten percent annually. Personal care wipes for baby and adult represent nearly 60 percent of this market, resulting from their utter convenience and ease-of-use.* Manufacturers are developing more innovative and creative uses for wipes, reaching target consumers, and providing a desire for fragrance-infused wipes in this growing market.

Orchidia proudly introduces a new line of fragrances developed specifically for baby and adult personal care wipes. Through comprehensive consumer research, our fragrances were created to represent the most popular of wipe applications—capturing the essence of cleanliness, relaxation, and health. From fresh floral notes to soft woods, the first caress to the skin will reward the senses with aromatic delight.

Let Orchidia’s R&D and perfumery staff work with you to create fragrances most suitable for your personal care wipes.

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*Source: NonWovens Industry. January 7, 2013.

Botanical Extracts for Hair Care

Not only does the use of botanical extracts support a healthy and natural lifestyle, but they also provide the body with variety of nurturing properties. Orchidia has extended our botanicals for hair care products, with five natural extracts of kiwi, chamomile, calendula, sea buckthorn and rosemary.beautiful nice woman with long ringlets hair

Benefits include:

  • Conditioning
  • Dandruff control
  • Moisturizing
  • Strengthening
  • Reducing split ends
  • Restoring sheen

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Fantasy Destination Fragrances

Sunset BeachTake a trip with Orchidia to fantasy destinations as we head to New York, London, Venice, Morocco, Asia and the tropics. This collection of fragrances captures the ambiance of utopian destinations around the world.

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Powdered Fragrances

powdered_fragrancesOrchidia recognizes that not every fragrance requires a liquid delivery system. In a continuing effort to meet the demands of our customers, we have developed a line of powdered fragrances. This line is perfect for dry product applications, with greater performance and stability than liquid fragrances, and capable of delivering a diverse range of fragrance characteristics.

Benefits of Powdered Fragrances:

  • Flexibility in delivering a complete range of odor character types
  • Dual fragrance release capabilities (passive volatility / burst of fragrance when dissolved)
  • Improved stability and fragrance protection in targeted product applications
  • Ease of application to a finished product

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Resorts of Las Vegas Fragrances

iStock_000006849904MediumWelcome to Fragrance Las Vegas!

Anyone who knows Vegas knows that each resort has a unique identity and style. Our creative team took some of these famous tourist spots and crafted fragrances specific for air care products, capturing the pizazz and excitement of culture along the Las Vegas strip.

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Colorful Moods of Life

Abstract EffectColorful Moods of Life is a sophisticated and warm line of fragrances, capturing the vivid emotions and experiences we share in life. This line blends vibrant fruity and floral aromas with deep earthy notes, setting an atmosphere of reflection and relaxation.

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Design for the Environment Fragrances

dfe_posterDesign for the Environment (DfE) is an EPA partnership program that works with companies, such as Orchidia, to reduce risk to human health and minimize environmental impact. Every ingredient in a DfE certified product has been carefully screened by a scientific review team based on hazard and risk information, predictive tools, and expert scientific judgment.

Orchidia is proud of our growing line of DfE certified fragrances for use in industrial and consumer products. It’s just another example of our commitment to the environment and to our customers.

Benefits of DfE Fragrances:

  • DfE labeled products are safer for the health of end users
  • Safer chemicals minimize insurance expenses
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients appeal to eco-conscious consumers
  • Opens new market opportunities

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Botanical Extracts for Personal Care

kit_botanical_extractsThe consumer desire to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle has been the driving force behind two of the most significant trends in personal care products: botanical ingredients and vitamin fortification.

The use of botanical extracts and vitamins in consumer products has increased significantly over the past five years, and personal care products are no exception. Personal care products containing botanicals and vitamins offer added perceived benefits and fit well with the natural, healthy products that have become so popular.

The Orchidia botanicals program combines these trends in our line of vitamin enriched botanicals. We standardize each extract to ensure that our customers receive only the highest-quality products.

Orchidia’s in-house extraction techniques allow for flexibility in developing custom botanical blends with the option to further tailor those blends with different vitamins.

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Celebrate with Orchidia!

celebrateIntroducing a line of fragrances worth celebrating! Orchidia’s new fragrance line includes six aromas that will enhance life’s most memorable moments, including Chocolate Cream, Grasslands, Horchata, Purple Orchid, Tropical Fruit and Spiritual Journey. Our Celebration Fragrances are formulated for a variety of uses and applications.

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Desert Flower Fragrances

682105_29633728Desert regions contain a variety of plants unique to their arid climates. Orchidia introduces six new fragrances for air care applications, inspired by these desert flowers, containing a variety of delicate floral blends, rich spices, citrus and wood notes.

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