Brands Emphasize Comfort in Uncertain Times

For millions of consumers practicing social distancing, daily life has moved almost entirely inside the home. Due to limited physical contact, self-sufficient consumers are making essential supplies and learning DIY skills like baking bread and raising chickens. They are also seeking ways to combat the negative effects of social isolation on their health. In response, brands are rushing to communicate how their products remain relevant in this new reality.

During this uncertain time, leading retailers and consumer brands are positioning scented products as tools to create a healthy home life. Ambassadors for skincare brand Kiehl’s share at-home facials and self-care beauty routines with customers online. Target encourages shoppers to “set a calm scene, enhance your atmosphere and self-care routine” with home fragrance. Nordstrom lets shoppers search for products according to timely categories, including “At-Home Beauty Maintenance” and “Be Well.”

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