Fragrance Training Series

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Fragrance 101 is a full and half-day partner education program held at our research and development center that teaches the basics of fragrance technology. Upon completion, our partners will have a better understanding of fragrance evaluation, an improved fragrance vocabulary, a better knowledge of materials, and become better at selecting fragrances for their applications.

flower essenceOur Fragrance 101 courses include:

  • Introduction to Fragrance
  • Fragrance Stability
  • Essential Oils
  • Formulation Basics
  • Botanicals in Personal Care
  • Natural & Synthetic Aroma Chemicals
  • Describing Fragrance Odors
  • Trends

Fragrance 201 is a complimentary full-day partner education program. This hands-on training session will include the basics of fragrance construction, sensory evaluation of fragrance materials and accords, as well as building and assessing your own fragrance with our expert staff of perfumers. Fragrance 101 is not a prerequisite for attending 201.

Our Fragrance 201 courses include:

  • Construction of a Fragrance
  • Let the Perfumers Show You How It’s Done
  • Workshop: Build Your Own Fragrance
  • Group Evaluation and Discussion
  • Trends

Fragrance 301 is a complimentary full-day partner education program. This session provides  an in depth and hands on approach to Essential Oils used for fragrances. Fragrance 101 & 201 are not a prerequisite for attending 301.

Our Fragrance 301 course includes:

  • What are Essential Oils?
  • Growing and harvesting of essential oils
  • How do we get the oils from the plants?
  • Adulteration
  • Pricing, supply, regulatory and safety
  • Essential Oils and Product Application
  • Synthetic to Natural
  • Variation in origin
  • Trends


What prior attendees are saying about Orchidia’s Fragrance Training Series

“Very well organized. You have a committed and solid team.” 

“Excellent seminar. Differences between natural Essential Oils, absolutes and synthetics was amazing. Smelling actual “hands-on” samples of fragrance compounds was very instructive. Thank you!”

“It was a great event—very informative. Thanks for holding it!”

“Overall it was very well done, informative, and an enjoyable event. Thank you and your staff for all the time and thought that was put into this!”

“Excellent! Learned more than expected.”

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