Green Initiative

green_initiativeWhen the book Silent Spring was released in 1962, the environmental movement gained momentum, impacting the way manufacturers and retailers conduct business. Environmentally conscious consumers are increasingly demanding that the products they consume are produced with sustainable practices with minimal environmental impact.

Since Orchidia’s inception, we have taken a proactive approach towards sustainability regarding environmental, economic, and social affairs. Our key areas of focus include:

  • Conservation of Energy
    Orchidia institutes a variety of measures to reduce consumption of energy and minimize reliance on fossil fuels. New and existing facilities have been installed with high R-value insulated windows, motion light sensors, skylights, and energy-efficient lighting wherever possible. This has reduced our power consumption by an estimated 200,000 kWh per year. Additionally, renewable energy sources are used for 10% of the power consumption.
  • Conservation of Resources
    Waste reduction initiatives are important to our conservation efforts and are an integral part of Orchidia’s daily operations. Elimination of disposable, single-use plastic containers and measuring utensils to washable, reusable stainless steel containers has been implemented in all laboratory and production areas. We also have ongoing office waste reduction initiatives with paperless processes being adopted whenever possible.
  • Recycling
    Reduction of solid waste through recycling initiatives is encouraged throughout the company. Orchidia contracts with a document shredding partner to securely destroy and recycle any paper, saving an estimated 56 mature trees annually. We also recycle shredded documents as packing material, rather than using non-biodegradable polystyrene beads when sending out samples. In addition, all hazardous and non-hazardous product waste is sent to energy recovery companies, and all corrugated containers, broken pallets, metal and plastic drums are recycled.
  •  Green Building
    The new 44,000 sq. ft. facility in Downers Grove, housing quality control, regulatory, and employee training areas, is a LEED® Silver Certified building. Orchidia met exemplary measures* in order to achieve this status, such as the use of recycled, renewable and low-emitting building materials, as well as responsible waste management and conservation practices.

    Initiatives include 23% energy savings, 100% renewable energy consumption, 36% reduction in waste water, 84% of construction waste diverted from the landfill and recycled materials used for 20% of the building. *LEED® Silver criteria and awarded certificate available upon request.

  • Community
    As an employer, manufacturer, and supplier, we understand our impact on the local community. We’ve operated out of our Illinois location since 1984 and our California location since 1996. Many of our employees live in or near the same towns, stressing the importance of responsible corporate behavior. We do everything within our ability to contribute to the development and betterment of our communities.