In 1983 Salvatore Sprovieri, Owner of Flavorchem Corporation, acquired Orchid Laboratories, a Chicago-based company founded in 1931. The company was immediately given a facelift, a new technical backbone (in tradition with its parent company), and renamed Orchidia Fragrances. Since that time, Orchidia has acquired several other fragrance companies including Atmospherix, Global Aromatics, and the fragrance division of U.S. Flavors & Fragrances. In addition, Orchidia also acquired Fluorostat, a manufacturer of d-limonene and concentrated citrus oils.

Since its inception, Orchidia Fragrances has grown from a regional player to an international supplier of fragrances, essential oils, natural solvents, and botanical extracts with manufacturing locations in Downers Grove, IL; San Clemente, CA; Kerepes, Hungary; Maoming, China.

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