Case Studies


  • Natural Portfolio
    A long-time customer of ours decided to convert their entire line of household, laundry, and pet care products to naturally derived formulations, including the fragrances. The requirement was that each fragrance be compatible with guidelines of the Natural Products Association. We assisted with converting any fragrances that did not meet that standard, as well as developing new fragrances for any that could not be made of approved natural derived materials. We continue to work with this customer, developing fragrances for new products and line extensions, as well as updating current fragrances to conform to the latest guidelines.
  • Varied Applications
    An international company has contracted us to adapt their signature flavor line to a variety of applications imagined by worldwide licensees. We were challenged with extending a single note flavor to be useable in products as varied as air fresheners, personal care products, and molded plastic products. We overcame the lack of substantivity of the flavor formulation in developing air fresheners that would last over a month without varying from the original profile of their product. An interesting application development was creating fragrances to be imbued into plastic products processed at high temperatures that are well beyond the performance profile of the original flavor. We are continuing to develop fragrances for their various products as the number of licensees continues to grow.
  • International Compliance
    Many of our customers have enjoyed a long-lived relationship with our company. As a result, we’ve been asked to modify fragrances from time-to-time to be current with the latest regulatory issues within the US, as well as internationally. In one particular case, we’ve extended the life of our customers’ signature fragrance from just a small regional success to an internationally recognized product. We’ve worked diligently to maintain the same fragrance profile for their worldwide product line while staying compliant with the regional regulatory issues from Europe to Asia to South America.