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Meet Armando Baez, Key Account Manager for Orchidia Fragrances

Road to Orchidia Fragrances

I began working at Orchidia in 2013. I had worked in different labs but Orchidia’s philosophy of promoting from within was the deciding factor for me. In fact, one of my biggest accomplishments at Orchidia was my promotion to Key Account Manager. I quickly learned that Orchidia’s work environment is very friendly and everyone is passionate about what they do, and I think that translates into our fragrances.  

Most Memorable Orchidia Project 

Orchidia’s tradeshow booths have always been extravagant and unique. The brainstorm for one year’s tradeshow booth was to create an immersive virtual reality experience that included fragrance. I was able to contribute to the project by providing a company that created a scent dispensing mechanism that worked directly with the virtual reality experience. I had only learned of the company by attending technical symposiums in Asia that are based around fragrance technologies. I believe this all speaks to Orchidia’s innovative spirit. 

Favorite Thing About Working at Orchidia 

The people! I created lifelong friendships working at Orchidia and being apart of different departments has just introduced me to more amazing coworkers. 

Interesting Facts! 

  • Favorite Fragrance: Cherry. A certain cherry scent takes me back to my childhood.
  • Favorite Hobby: Fitness. I love finding new and exciting ways to exercise and believe it to be the best treatment for mind, body, and soul.
  • Fun Fact coworkers don’t know: Due to the quarantine, I had to find more creative ways to exercise at home and yoga has definitely been my favorite. I’ve become an amateur yogi!